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Explore Bentwood Classics

Invented by German cabinetmaker Michael Thonet, bentwood furniture is an elegant and timeless design. Explore our collection of bentwood classics, including seating, tables, and stands. 

Discover Biedermeier Masterpieces

A stunning collection of Biedermeier chairs, tables, chests, sofas, and much more awaits.


Exposa Exclusives 

These items are one-of-a-kind collectors items that often take years to find and acquire. Each comes with its own unique story attached to the history of its origin, previous owners, and past lives.   

Tatra 603

Tatra 603

First owned by East German Stasi (The Ministry for State Security). It was assigned to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in East Berlin between 1971-1980 as a diplomatic car used exclusively as a spy courier car between East and West and involved in many PLO European missions.




viennese jewelry safe


Viennese Jewelry Safe

Restored  to its original condition this safe makes for a stunning conversation piece as well as a reliable, functioning, fireproof safe.






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